• Nov. 20, 2023, 9:07 p.m.

    As you might have already noticed, the pEp Project went through some wild times: Beginning of the year the pEp Security company decided not to follow-up on the enduser software, took them out of e.g. the Android and Apple Stores and also stopped paying the pEp Foundation. As both is against the common contract, the pEp Foundation and the pEp Security split up. The latter renamed itself even and the domain pEp.security has not been served from July onward.

    The pEp Foundation took over the Android app and the Thunderbird plugin and continued serving those on the website pEp.software. The foundation had some savings and continued their work in a reduced manner (kudos to all employees for being so dedicated and flexible during those weird times <3 ), while in parallel trying to secure new additional funding. Unfortunately that did not work out, so by mid/end-September the pEp Foundation had to accept that it is over for now.

    Some of us will continue doing some basic work as volunteers in our free time, so we can keep the software in its current stable status up-and-running:

    • The Android app can be continued to be used and also newly installed. It is available for download on pep.software as a direct APK.
    • The Thunderbird plugin is available for download on pep.software but at this point of time it will only work together with Thunderbird below version 115.
    • The iOS App can also be used, but only if the installation already exists. As the pEp Foundation does not have the license for that app it won't go back into the stores as of now.
    • The Outlook add-in has a similar problem and any existing installations can continued to be used, but no fresh installations possible at this point.

    You can be assured that we will keep a close eye on the existing software and all its components, although we can not continue active development. As soon as there will be any issue with the software itself or with any of its components we will take it down and inform our users here.

    We apologize for such a long quietness from our sides and beg for your understanding that this has been quite a struggle for us and that we've been hoping to come back here with better news.